Night time over here is a time of bubbling activity , when people actually get time to be in their shoes rather than droop off to sleep.The entire day goes so fast with travelling over and over again to different parts of the campus, racing to classes at various departments, sweating it out at the playground,[and even finding out some time for girlfriends..this, though is applicable to a minority, lucky or unlucky].Night time is the time when we remember again to breathe to our lungs' content.Watching movies, completing assignments,devoted souls working for their societies,ensuring the birthday boy's GPL, all the important things in kgp county occur in this span of nightlife.Coupled with this ,hall days and other celebrations add renewed dimensions to kgp life. Night hours become a time of unrestrained interaction among different strata in kgp society....all the madness that discovers itself in untethered singing and dancing and well ,a big "etc"....Glued to the computer screen all night or playing table tennis at wee hours or roaming aimlessly around with stimulatingly intermittent puffs of "sutta" ........night time is a battery-powered non-stop-action package that has become so symbolic of the life of an iitkgpian.