It's pathetic. People prefer to stay hungry than to have food(misnomer) in the mess. It takes a lot of courage to enter the mess hall and a hell lot of courage to actually consume the food(misnomer).

What is really interesting is the fact that like IIT Kharagpur, the mess food(misnomer) at IIT Kharagpur has also been able to maintain its own standard. The food(misnomer) used to be horrible four years back from now. It remains horrible now. A mere thought of eating in the mess hall is enough to cause the head ache. To identify the food(misnomer) and then eat is almost impossible(feel lucky if u can differentiate between veg and non-veg) and to enjoy what u eat, for heaven's sake, makes all sick.

But the other side of the coin is even more interesting. It makes you really stronger from inside, not physically(of course) but mentally. Like a soldier, u can eat almost anything and everything after you graduate. Similar sufferings create a strong bond between the students. You learn to be patient after struggling with the mess food(misnomer) for so many years and by the time you pass out, you are a complete man. Ready to take on the world!