Vidyasagar Hall of residence Edit

Vidyasagar Hall of residence was conceived in 1960 and named after the great scholar & social activist Pundit Iswat Chandra Vidyasagar. The hall started functioning from his birthday, 28th September 1965. From the day of its inception till date, VS has played a significant role in the campus. The VS Hall has experienced the stay of M.Tech., PhD’s and B.Tech, thereby having an outstanding contribution to the Institute. Its existence started with a U.G batch, then a mix of U.G & P.G. and then completely Ph.D scholars. Again it went with the U.Gs and for last ten years VS has been a complete P.G hall. One saying that reflects the hearty relationship among VSites is that V (We) comes before S(Self) in V.S. The Motto of VS Hall is Sheel Sanyam Vivek.