MMM Hall Of Residence , is amongst the youngest of the Halls to be constructed .

The Madan Mohan Malviya Hall Of Residence - essentially comprises of four blocks

HK Block - Humayun Kabir Block
DSK Block - Daulat Singh Kothari Block
RR Block - Raja Ramanna Block
SDS Block - Shankar Dayal Sharma Block

Each Block is facilitated with a volleyball court , a table-tennis room and a TV-equipped common room .

The Hall office and the Mess are lodged in a separate building .

RR Block -

Homes Postgraduate students - Admission of MTech students through GATE - Both 1st and 2nd years reside here

SDS Block -

Students pursuing MBA degree from the Vinod Gupta School of Management ( VGSOM ) are accomodated here at SDS

HK & DSK Blocks -

Freshers , 1st year Undergraduate students , are accomodated in these Blocks

Students , enrolled in the the preparatory courses at IIT-Kharagpur , are also accomodated in this Hall of Residence

This hall can house over 1600 students with two people sharing a room.


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