Favourite hot-spots for IIT Kharagpur couple include:

1) Veggies, Park, Billoo's and Little Sisters Restaurant

2) Nescafes especially in front of CSE and VGSOM

3) Tech Market

4) Library and F-127

5) 2.2 km long Scholar's Avenue

6) SN Hall premise

7) Institute chowk

The places where you'll never find a couple together:

1) In the guy/girl's hostel room (Exception: Hall Days)

2) B.C.Roy Hospital

3) Children's parks

4) Morning classes at 7:30

5) Institute chowk in the day time

The telltale sign that a guy has a girlfriend:

1) He's riding a motorcycle for which he pays the fuel charge but the bike is someone else's

2) He's wearing clean and fancy clothes even in the classroom

3) He prefers to go the library even when the exam is not remotely close

4) All the girls are comfortable talking to him (i.e., do not see him as a potential threat)

5) He starts taking interest in lots of unimportant things like who's dating whom, which girl's depressed etc.

6) He has changed to a Docomo connection and always talking over the phone

The remarkable points to note to find if a girl doesn't have a boyfriend:

1) She's spotted dining in Park Family Restaurant with different guys in different days of the week

2) She feels uncomfortable talking to her friends' boyfriends

3) She's all bubbly and happy in front of the seniors in all the societies

4) She's coming to hall days with junior girls or at best with her female friends

5) She's not too busy with her phone