• Minekey has just launched iThink on MySpace. The app has been a glowing success on Facebook, where many users have praised it as the most engaging and addictive appication on the network.

iThink is an interactive meeting place where people share opinions with friends and others from around the world. Members engage in conversations on diverse topics ranging from politics to pop culture, fashion to food and many more.

Go to to add iThink to your MySpace profile. Or to to add iThink to your Facebook profile.

  • The Nehru Museum of Science and Technology is organising a competition for students of this

institute for making models that would be displayed in the Museum for demonstrating the applications of latest technology in engineering design. Students desirous of participating may register individually or preferably, in groups but limited to a maximum of 4. There is no registration fee, but there are Cash Prizes.

For more Details follow link :

The date of registration has been extended. Please contact Prof. D.J. Sen of the Civil Department for more details.

  • It is time we realize the need for the IIT Kharagpur student community to share experiences and know-how regarding the placements. As an initiative by the present Placement Committee, The Scholars Avenue and Intinno Technologies Pvt. Ltd.[1], here is a platform to make this collaboration plausible.

We hope that this is the start of a new culture at Kharagpur that will make our junior batches better prepared and equipped for something as important as placements. The present batch of graduating students will be the first to contribute to what could become a rich and easily accessible knowledge base for the years to come. As part of a joint initiative by The Scholars? Avenue and the Placement Committee, all final years are requested to post their interview experiences on