Although it varies from person to person as to what he considers as 'cheap'. But going by general views there are quite a few cheap eatouts in and around the campus. To start with

Harry's/Tikka/Dulal NandiEdit

This must be the cheapest eatout in the campus. Having excessively low priced samosa, chop, chai, rasgulla, nimki, dal-puri, chowmein, dosa, idli, vada, uttapam etc. And the quality and taste of the food is always good.

This is the most favourite hangout for iit students as well as students of different age groups

Sahara RestaurantEdit

This is an open air restaurant with fairly good food, lots of oil in the food but low priced dishes. Also, there is an option for ordering Half-plate dishes which most of the times solve the purpose of cheap food

Dreamland RestaurantEdit

Fairly cheap food...but the quality of food, taste, service, hospitality, cleanliness etc counts on very low grades.

Staff CanteenEdit

Cheap food. Not very appealing appearance/menu wise.

Chilli and Spice/ChilliesEdit

Good fast food.But high priced. Not so good hangout(?)

Mid TownEdit

Outside campus. Good food. Although not cheap, but reasonably priced. Shortage of space and very crowded.