Art of living ( is an international community with its headquarters at bangalore. It is active in more than 142 countries. We have a kharagpur chapter of students with two Art of Living Faculties . Its a non-profitable, charitable and educational organization with the motive to enrich the human lifestyle in everyway. Here is a brief about the upcoming course of Art of living


An invitation to make life a celebration…

The stress-elimination program with most fun

Benefits of deep relaxation techniques:-

-Clarity of mind

-Increased concentration

-Improved memory

-Dissipates Anxiety

-Heightened enthusiasm

-More Harmonious Relationships

What is it ?

- A six-session program to increase energy, positivity, confidence and creativity.

- Yoga, breathing techniques, deep relaxation, group interaction and discussion.

- One of the most effective (and FUN!) courses for stress elimination.

- Taught in over 140 countries to more than five million people.

Some Webs of knowledge: